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Gerhardt Novelties 2019

Benelux Scientific is proud to present new instruments of C. Gerhardt for your Kjeldahl analysis. Take a look at Gerhardt’s new product range. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via if you need further information. We are eager to help you.

Vapodest 500

  • Automatic analysis system for the steam distillation of Kjeldahl digestion solutions, with subsequent titration and calculation of the result
  • Soft-start steam input to prevent ebullition during strong reactions
  • Integrated titration unit for automatic potentiometric determination of the endpoint using a pH-electrode.
  • Controlled via touch screen on instrument or via an external PC through the LIMS system.
  • Sample weight import from balance, LIMS or via touch pen, finger, mouse, keyboard
  • Chemical-resistant and corrosion-free plastic housing
  • Maintenance-free automatic steam generator
  • Particularly robust distribution head made of polypropylene
  • Safe, reliable and highly flexible instrument, which guides operators interactively through analyses and SOP’s and fulfils the highest data management requirements
  • Data Logging according to ISO 9001, 17025, GLP

Rapid digestion unit Turbotherm S

  • Digestion unit based on infrared technology
  • For digestion tubes of 100 to 800 ml volume
  • Short heating and cooling times: Only 10 minutes are needed to bring 12 samples to boil
  • Improved housing for optimal heat distribution
  • Microprocessor controlled with infinitely variable heating power and time periods
  • Up to 99 programmes can be stored

TURBOTHERM S complies with the requirements to the data management of certified or
accredited laboratories, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025

Scrubber Vacusog

  • Powerful fume suction washer for the separation and neutralization of inorganic acid fumes created during Kjeldahl digestions
  • The 4-step separation system:
    • Neutralisation of the fumes
    • Washing the gas
    • Separation of the condensate
    • Absorption of residual gas by active carbon filter
  • No water supply needed
  • Very low operation noise
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Can be placed outside the fume hood
  • Can be combined with C. Gerhardt digestion units KJELDATHERM® and TURBOTHERM and with classic digestion apparatus equipped with exhaust manifold.